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The Hairdresser.

July 5, 2010

Megan peered intently at herself in the mirror of the visitors toilet, her reflection was a finger print and lipstick smeared horror show. She would have to get some serious help if she was going to look good for tonight’s fund-raiser. She had called on the assistance of her friend Shelly, who ran a beauty salon in the town.

Thankfully, when she had called her this afternoon, Shelly said she could squeeze her in at the end of the day for an impromptu eyebrow wax and a wash, cut and style. Shelly also said that if anyone was in need of an emergency overhaul, it was Megan. She took a hold of a few lank strands of her unkempt hair, lifted and dropped them. No bounce, no life. It was flat and dull and mousey, and there were bits of straw and sawdust clinging to it here and there. This was going to be something of a mission and she hoped that the stylist , Gary, was up to the job.

He was good-looking, cheeky, humorous and (most importantly) straight!, a quality lacking in many male hair stylists. He was an instant hit at the salon and Shelly’s appointment book had rapidly filled up after word spread that he was working there. Megan just hoped his scissor skills were as well honed as his repartee.

She looked at her watch and was alarmed to find that it was only half an hour until closing. Time to rally the troupes and send them in for the clean up operation. Managing a wildlife sanctuary was difficult in itself, even without it being open to the public. Problem was that the visitors were thin on the ground at this time of year and the money was running out. They needed the investment from tonight’s fund-raiser just to stay afloat.

She had been careful about who she’d invited to get the maximum attention. A well-known stand up comedian lived in the village nearby and was already a regular, yet almost offensively small, contributor to the sanctuary coffers. She guessed because it looked good on his CV and was probably tax-deductible anyway. With his permission, and a promise to attend, she had contacted a few tabloids and some local rags and had managed to secure some quite good publicity, as well as give gravitas to the event. Needless to say that once you have one celebrity face on your particular bandwagon, more will want to follow. It was turning into quite a glittering occasion.

Megan never knew quite what to do with herself at functions, she wasn’t one for mingling with people really. It was a cliché, she knew, but she actually really did prefer the company of animals most of the time. However, she had been single for quite some time now and, aside from the intermittent and generally vague attentions of Robbie, a local business owner, and hopefully after tonight a large investor in her project, she had received very little in the way of male attention recently.

She said goodnight to the last of the staff, locked up and headed off on the short walk to her house. The air was crisp with frost and the winter clouds that hung overhead threatened to bring snow. She crossed her fingers and hoped that it would hold off, the arrival of snow would no doubt have an impact on the numbers attending the fund-raiser.

Once she was home she washed and changed out of her coveralls. ( It really wouldn’t be polite to turn up at the salon smelling of donkeys and rabbit poo.). She grabbed her car keys and headed quickly for the town.

When she arrived, Shelly and Gary were sitting eating a pizza, Shelly gave her a hard stare.

I Just knew you would be late!” She chided. “Luckily we got our tea to go,” She smiled and nodded towards the pizza. “Get yourself a slice and head out the back, Gary will come and see to you.”

The two exchanged a look that Megan couldn’t decipher. Had they been talking about her? Saying unkind things maybe? She sometimes couldn’t tell if people were being genuinely hurtful, or had just meant to tease her. She was prone to overreacting to being mocked sometimes. But Shelly was smiling benignly, Gary on the other hand was looking at her the way a child might look at an Ice Cream. “Yesss,” He said. “You definitely need seeing to.” They all laughed at the innuendo, although it seemed to Megan that the comment wasn’t entirely made in jest.

Sorry,” Breathed Megan, as she pulled off her coat. “I am sooo sorry. Things were mad at the sanctuary today”

Oh really?, lots of visitors were there?” asked Gary eagerly, as he took her coat from her. He hung it on an ancient looking hat stand in the corner.

No, no not really.” Said Megan quietly, “But the phone hasn’t stopped ringing with people who want to come to the ‘do’ tonight, and I’ve had all the function room and catering to sort, as well as all the usual stuff…”

Well never you worry about all that now,” Gary interrupted and steered her by the shoulders into the room full of sinks at the back of the salon “Lets just sort this mess out,” He said, pulling a ‘yuk’ face at Shelly as he ran a few fingers through her hair. “lets have at you with the shampoo and scissors and see if we cant find the beauty underneath the beast.” He smiled at her, his soft expression and smiling eyes smoothed the rough edges of his harsh words, and she knew then that he wasn’t being unkind.

He draped a towel around her shoulders and sat her in a chair in front of a sink. At the slight push of his hand against her chest, encouraging her to lean backwards, she relaxed and rested her neck against the cool porcelain of the sink. Gary tested the temperature of the water with his fingers, then ran the warm spray over her head. She closed her eyes against any errant spray and relaxed into the unexpectedly pleasurable sensations of being pampered. She felt goose bumps rise on her skin and she sighed loudly as the warm trickle seeped through to, and covered her scalp. She became aware that her nipples had hardened and were evident through her t-shirt, as though demanding attention. She blushed with embarrassment, and didn’t dare open her eyes now, in case Gary had noticed it too.

She found that she was also becoming more and more aware of the proximity of Gary’s chest and stomach to her face. Her mind began to wander and she started to imagine what might happen if she just casually reached over and touched him, stroking him through the material of his jeans. Would he react badly? She wasn’t so sure he would after the way he had looked at her when she arrived, and the comment he had made. His fingers gently massaged her as he lathered her hair, he was leaning in close to her, as though to get a better view of his work, she felt as though she had butterfly’s in her stomach and it seemed as though he was going to kiss her. Was she imagining it? Had she simply been too long without being touched?. She was confused and more than a little excited.

How are we getting on in here?,” Shelley’s voice suddenly interrupted her daydream, Gary moved quickly away, his hands rinsing the foam from her hair more vigorously now. Shelly busily gathered up towels from the floor and surfaces. She seemed not to have noticed anything. All traces of sensuality were gone from Gary’s motion. She hadn’t imagined it after all, and that definitely wasn’t the way he usually washed his clients hair, he was clearly being blatantly provocative.

We’ve managed to remove all of the beasties,” He said laughingly, “Now for the de-tangling,”

Excellent, well done, keep it up,” said Shelly as she bustled from the room under a pile of towels, “I’ll just be upstairs, sorting out the foils and towels for tomorrow. Just shout if you need me”

Glad of the momentary disruption, Megan attempted to collect her thoughts. There was no way anything was going to happen here. Surely.

Okay,” Said Gary. “Now for the nice bit” Before she could ask what he meant, Gary’s hands slipped over her hair, smoothing some conditioner on to her, his fingers began to glide over and through the previously straw like strands. It felt delicious as his fingers once again began to massage and stroke her, teasing and separating.

It was soothing and intimate, the physical distance between them shrank again. What on earth is happening here? thought Megan, as a tingle ran down her spine, then seemed to spread out between her legs. Her skin flushed hot with excitement and she started to feel breathless.

Gary switched off the water, reached for Megan’s hands and pulled her slowly and gently forward, away from the sink. She still couldn’t bring herself to open her eyes. Gary laughed softly.

Meg?, you still with us?” he asked quietly. At that, she slowly allowed her eyes to open.

He lifted the towel from her shoulders and put it over her hair, she allowed herself to look at his face, and was surprised by the intensity in his look. He stood square in front of her, his gaze direct and blunt. She could see the want in his dark, handsome eyes.

He moved closer and jimmied apart her thighs with his knees, taking hold of the towel and gently smoothing and rubbing her hair dry as he gazed at her. “I think maybe I should finish you off before I ‘finish you off’” He smiled, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

He kissed her then,, forehead, cheeks and finally lips. His mouth felt soft and cool against her hot skin, she blushed deeply and her mind began to itch. What are you doing? She thought to herself over and over again, but her very bones seemed to liquefy as his mouth pressed to hers, pushing her back against the seat. His tongue slid between her lips now and she felt him tasting her kiss. She didn’t want him to stop, but at the back of her mind she was aware that they may very well be seen. Shelly was still only yards away upstairs and, worse still, someone else might come in to the salon. She was slightly alarmed to feel herself aroused by the idea that someone might witness her fucking, being fucked, squirming and writhing and coming. She imagined someone looking on at their bodies twisting and grinding together in primal lust, she found herself wanting to put on a show.

He deftly undid the buttons of her jeans and slid a hand down between her legs. She opened her thighs wider to allow for better manoeuvrability, and slid her hips forward on the chair. She held his wrist and rocked herself against his hand, helping him find a rhythm. His fingers slid over her now slick cunt and he groaned slightly as he felt her wetness.

He was solid behind his fly and he wanted her desperately. He pumped the hydraulics of the chair, raising her to hip height, she frantically pulled down her jeans and underwear, as he unbuttoned himself. He could see all of her now, his heart beat clamoured in his ears as she put a finger to her clit and rubbed slowly, he pressed his cock into her. The trickle of euphoria snaked up his spine as he relished that feeling, that first carnal thrust. He fucking loved fucking! And he loved that he was fucking her.

She had intrigued him from day one, and the fact that Shelly had told him, ‘forget it, It’ll never happen’ made him all the more determined to pursue her. Now she was here, she was his, putty in his skilled hands. His mind thrilled as a sigh escaped her, his cock sliding ever deeper into her, his hands holding her waist urged her forward to meet him. She willingly obliged, gripping him between her thighs as she put her arms around his neck.

Her long hair, still wet, dripped onto her shirt, wetting the material and giving it some transparency, he could see the shape of her nipples restrained by the soft cotton bra covering them. Her eyes locked with his and she began to rock herself against him, her clit now gently rubbing on the soft skin and down of his stomach, she quickly reached her orgasm. Arching backward and raising her nipples, he expertly took one between his teeth, she cried out in surprise at the new and shocking sensation. Her come was as intense as it was swift, her flesh had been too long without physical contact .

The magnitude of her wanton state and obvious need for him drove him to the edge and tipped him over, he felt himself weaken at the knees as his come jetted from him, flooding into her. They gripped each other and she bit softly into his shoulder her fingernails digging into his flesh. His mouth found hers again and they kissed hard and deep, the yearning for each other now entirely fulfilled. He pulled back from her then, and began to straighten himself up, he looked toward the mirror behind her. He stopped dead. Megan’s blood froze at the expression on his face.

He quickly turned around. “fuck!” was the only word he could muster. Megan looked out from behind him and there saw Shelly. She was sitting in a chair her legs wide and her feet resting on the counter in front of her. Her skirt was hitched up, and she was working on herself with both hands, her fingers buried in her cunt as she stroked her clit. She was lost in her own world of pleasure now, after watching Megan and Gary for some time from her hiding place behind the doorway to the back room. She couldn’t suppress the need, she dripped with slick juices and her cunt ached to be fucked, she wanted to ask them, tell them she was there, but was afraid that they would not respond well to her interruption.

She quietly sat down in a chair on the opposite side of the room, her back to them now, watching their union in the mirror in front of her. Almost subconsciously, she started to stroke herself, timing her rhythm with each push of his hips, she imagined him inside her.

Slowly, silently, she let the sensations wash over her, her fantasy taking over reality entirely now as she edged closer to her climax, she closed her eyes and left them behind in the room as she drifted into her reverie. She didn’t notice them coming, was ignorant of the fact that they now watched her, grinning, and in awe of the fact that they had clearly been the source of her excitement.

She felt her cunt grip her fingers tightly, her muscles tensed and she writhed against her hand and cried out as her release finally came. Her breath ragged and sweat bejewelling her face in tiny beads, she finally opened her eyes to the real world with a relieved sigh.

On seeing Megan and Gary’s smiling faces, she blushed a little, laughed and began rearranging her self and her clothes.

Ahem…Sorry abut that.”. Shelly seemed to Megan to be almost completely unabashed by being ‘caught in the act’ but then, after what she had seen them doing, it was probably a little late for coyness.

The three friends, closer now for their experiences of each other, held and kissed each other for a while, then reluctantly went back to the work at hand, Megan was polished and primped and somehow they made her look glamorous and beautiful, a far cry from the rag doll look she was used to. They talked excitedly about the coming nights events, guessing a who might turn up for their few minutes in the spotlight.

Then it was Gary and Shelly’s turn to head off and get ready.

So, we will see you later then!” Said Gary, with a wink. Shelly grinned and Megan beamed at them both.

And then, might I suggest its all back to my place for a little ‘after hours’ fun?” Said Megan, blushing slightly and raising a cheeky eyebrow. The two eagerly agreed.

‘Yes’ she thought, ‘this night is shaping up to very good indeed’.


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