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Flash fiction – Tulips

October 6, 2010


#Erotica. #flashfiction #Tulips

Life. It is becoming tiresome, the loneliness and the bland sepia nature of my world. Amid the industrial hue, the mechanical rust and the smell of old oil, Iam floundering. I just needed this distraction, a glimpse of the organic. Something soft to touch, and some honey to dip my fingers in to. Amid the clang and the clamour, the cogs and the wheels, the steam-driven pistons rising and falling, your chains quiver and tinkle like  a wind chime. Very pleasant.

“Please,” you whisper quietly, tilting your hips towards me… an offering. So sweet, so helpless, I could play with you for hours. I select one of the Tulips that you brought for me from it’s wrought iron vase. The slash of the deep red flower head, outstanding against the forest green of the ivy that has crawled in through the cracks in the walls and the broken windows. “Shh. Quiet now my pretty”. I kiss you deeply, then press the petals to your lips. I trace a path down your chin and throat, over your chest to the curve of your breast. I circle your tightening nipples with the cool, velvet softness.

“Why do you tremble so? Are the machines too noisy for you? yes my love, you have such a delicate ear?” Water drips from the stem on to your skin, I hear you gasp as you feel its cold snaking path from your ribs to your hip.  “Please?” you appeal again. Rising to your knees you steady yourself against your chains, rust streaks your palms. My heart swells at your obvious gratitude as I swipe the tulip down over your soft belly, lingering over your mound. I pause to tease you, making you strain your hips toward my hand whispering “Yes”. The intensity of your look quickens me.

I drag the flower softly along your slit, which is dripping with the sweet nectar I crave, you quietly purr and growl your appreciation. I bow my head to taste you, my tongue searching for the pure, raw essence of your lust distilled. As your body becomes tense and you strain against your chains you come, and I gratefully drink, savouring the taste of you. A beautiful reminder of the world beyond my own.

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