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#erotica #flashfiction #blade ~(revised)

October 8, 2010

#erotica #flashfiction #blade

Shackled and suspended, my hands cling to the chains above me. The ache of my need is too real now.

You score my flesh with a few quick drags of the blade, the flood of relief prickles like thorns.

Laughing, you declare that I am branded, and say that I belong here.

Warm rivulets of blood streak my arms and thighs. Come seeps down between my legs. These, my offerings to you, are greedily accepted.

Then with a mocking tone, you pronounce me weak. Casually breaking me with a flippant word. 

I find myself once again at the mercy of your razor-sharp tongue. It is capable of eliciting pain far more acute than any cut.

That same tongue searches inside me, grabs my full attention, and demands a response. 

Soft and insistent, exploring and pushing into my mouth, my cunt and my mind.

It excites and teases me, tastes me, and lays me to waste.

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