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#Cold (Edited)

October 26, 2010

 The party is in full swing, I think. It seems as though it must be because I can see everyone drinking, talking, and laughing. I sit here, surrounded by people I barely know, everyone making small talk. My ‘nod and smile’ strategy is in full effect but I am not really listening. The only thing I can hear is pervasive whispers, hissed in a language I don’t know, and echoes of your disconcerting voice in my head. Do I know you?  Cold shards, a piercing declaration of your presence become embedded in my consciousness. Each thought of my own is left, half-finished, and you are just, so…

There are streamers and glitter, a band onstage. My eyes track the path of some confetti as it flutters down to the polished parquet dance floor. I am here, but I am no longer ‘present’. My thought processes are distant,  all fucked up. I try to claw them back, return to conscious thought. I can barely catch my breath. I feel drunk, even though this is my first glass.

Wherever I look you are there, constantly surrounded by people, but it seems you are accustomed to this. They hang on your every word. You engage with them but you don’t take your eyes off me. The air is heavy with expectation. Your guests smile, drink, chatter and laugh, their lascivious glances unnerve me.

What are you? How are you doing this to me? Some base part of me senses danger, though I do not move. Instinct shouts a distant warning. Run.

Wherever you move in the room, it seems there is always a direct line of sight in my direction, as though all here are in on it, and know better than me what you want.

Your beautiful eyes, midnight sky blue, search my face from across the room. As they linger over my lips a light, indistinct, sensation starts there, like a chill breath. It pulls my focus sharply back to you as my mind tries to wander. What is this? Your gaze, direct and wicked, travels over my light frame, lingering at the nape of my neck, brushing over my shoulders and down my arms. I shiver, suddenly cold, as your stare alights on my breasts. As it does,  ice-cold tendrils drift and entangle me, and a sensation of them brushing lightly over my nipples makes me gasp. The icy vines distort and warp, unseen, twisting around me with a constrictive grip. I place my hands on the seat behind me, arching my back, Inviting. I close my eyes. A sigh escapes me, I am slipping into a reverie and unable to defend against this strange enchantment. The room seems to shrink as fear grips me. I don’t understand, I can’t shake the confusion.

“Please!” I breathe the word into the ether. A hand takes hold of mine and pulls me to my feet, you laugh softly into my ear and stroke the small of my back. Your hands come to rest on my hips as your lips meet mine. Your kiss, as cold as your stare, draws all warmth from me and your fingers grip painfully at my hips. Daggers of ice press into my heart. I cry out as writhing heat pools there, some last vestige of my physical resistance, struggling to fight off the advancing chill. I weaken and my legs no longer support me. Your bone freezing touch begins to burn my skin with delicious pain as ecstasy ebbs through my body. You pull me against you, stopping me from falling, your laugh becoming more joyful.

All eyes are on us now. Some are coupling, kissing and touching each other, their eyes fixed on us. You pick me up and carry me to the stage. The band, no longer playing,  take their seats and get ready for the real show. The vines that bound me now morph and warp and grow. I sense them twisting and growing up and over the staging lights, then down through the floor, rooting themselves there. They throb and pulse in time with the constricted beats of my heart, spreading among the crowd, growing over them and binding us all. The vines begin lifting and pulling at my arms and legs,  finally suspending me a little way above the tangled crowd, who begin to howl and bay, whistle and shout. The excitement is tangible as they push and bustle closer to the stage. They writhe together. Those whose faces are exposed appear expectant and gleeful.

You move behind me, your hands pulling away my clothes as though they were tissue. I am left exposed and terrified, barely able to move. Small whimpering cries emit from my frozen lips. My skin appears to be covered with frost. You move in front of me, our eyes connect and you smile, a sudden calmness falls on me. I cannot fight this. You tip your head to one side, still smiling. Small points of light reflected in your deep, dark blue eyes appear like distant stars and I am fascinated, held fast in your gaze. Your hands reach for me pulling me closer to you.

Your hands on my skin, and your body now pressed against my naked frame evokes a new rapture in me. The vines holding me quiver and writhe, they draw out the sensation and transport it, like blood through veins, to the waiting crowd, who begin to sigh and moan. They contort like circus freaks, writhing and twisting, their faces reflecting back the euphoria of our contact.

As our mouths connect I feel you push inside me. Your ice-cold cock as smooth as glass, glides into my cunt and you press deep, hilting yourself there with a sigh. Your fingers grasp a handful of my hair, your mouth crushes hard against mine and you pull down on my shoulder. You swell and grow inside me, your cock stretching me. The cries of the crowd drown out our own as I rock against you. I have never known such pleasure, or felt a sensation such as this.

My heart, contracting and aching in my chest, still struggles to hold back the cold, but is beginning to atrophy. The pain is excruciating, but is no match for the ecstasy I am feeling.

“Give up your heart my love” you whisper in thought. “You don’t need it anymore. I will take care of you now. Give yourself to me” You kiss me gently between my breasts. Your breath penetrates my skin, painfully sliding through my ribs. The frozen vapour envelopes and constricts my struggling heart. It twists within my chest, the sensation of the movement matched in intensity by the insistent pressure of your cock inside me. I scream as the vapour drifts around the pooled heat that has collected there, slowly crystallising into shards of ice.

“Will I become like them?” I ask, fighting to sustain my heart beats which are growing fainter. 

“Yes my love. You will be like us. When we next feast upon the rapture of a mortal, you can join us. You can feed from the ecstasy as they do”

“And if I fight you?” Your laughter, and theirs, fills the room. You fuck yourself harder inside me, increasing the depth and intensity with each stroke, my heart becomes a little colder as the rapture spirals along my spine, over my flesh and out into the crowd. I feel myself tense and my flesh become taut as you begin to draw out my orgasm.

“You think any other man could make you feel like this? Why would you want to fight me? Let go my love, let it happen” The elation of the crowd grows as my cunt starts to grip and squeeze around you. My pulse slows and grows softer, as my will to fight ebbs away. You smile when eventually all heat is gone from there and you reach in, through my rib cage, enclosing my heart in your icy fingers. You tear it from my chest, though it leaves no visible mark. You hold it aloft for the baying crowd to see as my orgasm tears through me, every nerve simultaneously spiked with pleasure and pain. They scream and shout out in their reverie, the vines transporting the sensations from me to them. They revel in the feeling and swarm together, a thrashing mass of flesh and bone, writhing and twisting inside and around each other, until my rapture passes and all sensation subsides.

The vines release me now and we fall. Our limbs entwined, your mouth still crushed to mine we tumble to the floor. The joyful cries from the crowd turn to tortured wails and moans as the euphoric sensations suddenly cease. I cover my chest with my hands, covering the chasm hidden beneath my skin. A sudden and vicious realisation hits. They, and I, can no longer feel anything. “Will this be the way of it?” I ask you.

Your cruel laughter tolls like a bell inside my mind “Indeed it will my love” you say, smiling. You toss my heart into the air and catch it again, one-handed. “Without this you are numb to all but what I alone give you, and if you please me, or perhaps beg me nicely enough, I may just do that” You smile and hold my heart to your lips. I briefly feel the rapture again and, through the muddle of my thoughts I hear you laugh “Another one for the trophy case, I think”

You push me from you now and stand up, straightening yourself. Brushing some frost from your crisp, white shirt, you stroll casually away weaving through the desolate crowd. You begin to whistle a tune as you walk, tossing and catching my heart as you leave.

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