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She Rocks

December 18, 2010

So it was clearly by some sort of miracle that I wound up here tonight. I saw her dancing at the club and I watched her. Covetous, eyes veiled,  I just sat, sipped my drink and watched her.  No, she wasn’t a spectacular dancer, she had some moves sure but she wasn’t outstanding in that capacity. I don’t know why, but for some reason I couldn’t stop looking. I liked the way her hair trailed over her bare shoulders. She would stop now and then, to laugh with one of her friends and lose herself for a minute in happiness. She was self-conscious and self-aware, knew she was attracting attention. She seemed a little uncomfortable at times. I thought she might be a straight girl, dragged here by her friends. I was wrong.

The mystery was why she had chosen me? Out of all the beautiful women in the club tonight, she had homed in on me. I don’t go to the club to cruise. I just go there to drink, and watch, and see my friends. I keep to myself and I don’t seek attention, I just enjoy. I am not a hunter.

Later that night she casually walked over to our table, she sat on the bench next to me and took off her shoes. She smiled at me and told me that her feet hurt from dancing, and then she asked if it would be ok for her to sit with us for a while. She engaged me in a conversation about the club and my friends, who all wanted an introduction. I was animated by her, she talked fast, excitedly, about everything; in doing so, she drew me into her world and out of myself. She kept touching me, touching my arms and my hair and later, casually laid a  hand on my thigh. She told me I had beautiful eyes. Imagine that.

So now I am here, in a chair in the corner of her room. I get to touch her now and to sit here, watching her slowly undress. In the half-light from her lamp she looks like an actresses from an old black and white movie. Her blonde hair framing her beautiful face in waves. Her red lips are dark against her pale skin. My heart pounds and I run my fingers through my short hair. I have to lick my lips to stop them from sticking to my teeth. I have never been so nervous about fucking a girl before.

She walks across the room toward me. All she has on now are her panties. She takes my hands and pulls me to my feet, I tower over her, feeling 8 feet tall. She lifts off my t-shirt, pulling it up over my skinny, tattooed arms and laughing when she can’t quite reach high enough to get it over my head. I finish the job myself, and then push my fingers into her hair, pulling her face toward me so I can kiss her.

I sit back down in the chair and pull her on top of me. I nervously kiss her beautifully rounded breasts, gently pulling a nipple into my mouth and gripping it lightly between my teeth. She sighs and makes small noises as I brush my tongue over one nipple and my thumb over the other. She touches my breasts too, though they are small compared to hers. She carefully pulls and twists my nipples, sending unexpected shock waves of pleasure direct to my clit. I slide my arms around her waist and lift us both from the chair, her frame is light and I carry her easily to the bed. I want to taste her.

Kneeling between her open thighs I stroke her velvet skin and kiss her stomach. She arches in feline motion against my touch. She pulls gently at her own nipples, as my fingers graze her cunt through the soft cotton of her panties, she is already becoming swollen and wet. I move her panties to the side and push my fingers a little way inside of her, collecting some of the glistening cunt juices from her. I part her lips and stroke my fingers over her clit, which is standing proud. She tells me to suck her cunt, and who am I to argue? I lower my head between her thighs and take my first languorous licks. The viscous liquid now seeping from her cunt covers my tongue like honey.

As I taste her I am unbuttoning my jeans, levering them off with my feet. I want to feel her against me, feel her writhe underneath me as I fuck  her. I slide off her panties and then push my fingers all the way inside of her. I feel her cunt muscles contract around my fingers, gently pulling them deeper. I smile when she cries out as I make small ‘come hither’ motions with my fingers, and stroke at her g-spot. My thumb against her clit strokes rhythmically, and I time my movements with the rocking of her hips.

At last I slide my pussy against hers, our mounds pressed together. The juices spill from me, and trickle down toward her cunt, I picture it mingling there with hers, slipping smoothly over her lips. Her legs and arms wrap around me, her quickening breath signalling her want. I slip an arm underneath her pulling her closer, steadying myself with my free hand. She tells me not to let her go, that she is coming. I tell her I won’t  and that I am going to come for her too. She smiles, her breath ragged and her hips rocking in time with mine as we urge each other on. I am the luckiest bitch alive right now, she is astonishing.

She bites down on her lip and tightly closes her eyes as she comes, crying out my name. It sends me over the edge. I crush my self against her feeling the pressure of her wet pussy against my own, our clits slide together as the climax crashes through me, I don’t think I have ever come so hard before.

We lie together for a long while after, talking and laughing about our night. She is still smiling and touching me. She is so cool. I could really be in trouble here, and it would be easy to fall in love with her. Will I get to see her again? I don’t know. I hope so. All I know right now, is that she rocks.

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