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250 word flash fuck.

January 4, 2011

I catch your look, intense and dark. Your pupils dilate as you eye me, your gaze salacious. My mind is sleazy from all of the cocktails and cocaine. I need you in me, right now. I drain my glass as I stand up from the table, simultaneously grabbing you by the collar and pulling you to your feet. The look of surprise on your face is comical. 

We hurry from the bar and the doorman signals to your driver. We wait at the curb, our solicitous smiles lit by street lamps and neon. You hold my face as you kiss me, too softly. I need more, I need some passion, now. The car draws up alongside us and I tear open the door, stumbling inside. I take off my underwear as you follow me in. I grab your lapel,  pull your face to mine and press my mouth to yours, my tongue tasting the whiskey on your lips. 

 I push my fingers into your hair and gently guide your head downwards toward my cunt. I open my thighs to you as I raise my skirt. Through the rear view mirror I see the chauffeur’s eyes, they are not watching the road. She shifts slightly in her seat, maybe for a better view. As your tongue traces the folds of my slit and reaches into me she bites her lip, as though she were stifling her own lustful cries. I smile at her as the sweetest sensations course through me and she watches me coming for you.

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