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January 13, 2011

200 word #flashfiction for #wankwednesday.

Tweeted under the hashtag #Etesian

 The clamour of the city streets, chaotic and bubbling with the repressed anger of heat struck pedestrians is too much for me today.

 I turn off into a side road and stop to catch my breath, sipping from a bottle of cool water. I wipe my sweat beaded brow.

An ice cream wrapper skitters along the dusty gutter, stopping in front of my feet. Unseen tendrils of the lightest wind snake their way from gutter to heat prickled flesh. From toes to ankle, around the calf and the soft curve of my thigh, the light breeze caresses me, like a lovers fingers, with the gentlest touch.

I sigh with pleasure as the drifting airs slip beneath my shirt and brush over my willing skin.I arch my back and lean against the nearby wall surrendering to the sensations. I close my eyesas the welcome breeze enfolds and stirs me. My nipples stiffen and skin tightens and I fight the urge to touch myself, lending substance to the teasing touch of my ethereal lover.  Deliciously tantalised and tormented by the coolest of airs, I am refreshed and awakened.

From → Erotica

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