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#Spring #WankWednesday.

February 23, 2011

From her vantage point a the top of the lighthouse she had seen him arrive. A lonely figure, walking slowly down the steps toward the steadily rising shore line. The interaction of the full Moon, Earth and Sun, almost in alignment, would quickly bring the high spring tide this evening. She loved the lengthening spring evenings, and always looked forward expectantly to the nights when she could look out from her tower, and witness the power of the forces exerted over the sea. It was as though the Moon was Masoch’s Wanda, the ocean, her Severin bending to her will. The sort of power most could only ever fantasize about.

Sighing, she decided she should go out and warn the man to be on his guard, people were often caught out by the swiftly rising tide at this time of year. She called the dog from his bed, it was time for his evening walk anyway. She headed out, down the steep, rocky incline and stepped onto the soft sand. It felt cool and refreshing beneath her bare feet. The dog sniffed and nuzzled his way along the breakwater, gathering sand and stray ribbons of seaweed on his muzzle. He was behaving strangely. Occasionally he would stop and rush down toward the tide line, barking and whining, then running back toward her, his hackles raised and howling. Then, he was slinking along, low to the ground, wagging his tail as he sometimes did when he met someone new.

As she got nearer to the man, she could see him taking off his clothes. Was the mad fool planning on going for a night swim?  She stopped and looked out at the high, crashing waves along the point break. No, this was something else. Most of his clothes were already strewn randomly along the sand, leaving a trail from the steps that led down from the car park above. It was as though he was in some sort of trance. ‘Oh god no’ she thought, ‘He is going to walk out into the sea and try to kill himself or something’. The beam of light from the top of the lighthouse above them strobed across the beach, temporarily lighting up the man’s, somewhat impressive, frame. As it did he dropped to his knees, the water now lapping around him “OKAY!” he called out  “I’M HERE NOW……WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?” he shouted, his voice plaintive, broken and desperate. He held his arms out at his sides, a sort of ‘bring it on’ gesture, and looked up at the blazing moon. “JUST STOP….OKAY?…STOP FUCKING TORTURING ME!” She heard his voice crack and guessed that he was crying.

She looked around for the dog, she didn’t want to go near this obviously troubled man without some back up, but she couldn’t just leave him there. The cowardly mutt was nowhere to be seen. He wasn’t one for conflict situations really, and the shouting had probably scared him off. She approached the man slowly. She could see his shoulders shaking, as if he was sobbing into the water. She looked around for the dog again, scanning the rapidly disappearing sand behind her, and was blinded temporarily by the lighthouse beam as it swept once more over the beach.  She squeezed her eyes tight shut, trying to readjust them to the moonlight. Without warning, a  huge wave crashed and rolled over the sand knocking her off her feet. She dropped into the cold water which threatened to drag her out into the roiling, foaming tumult beyond the tide line, her breath was knocked from her by the impact and the cold.

She stood again, backing up from the approaching water, but suddenly felt somehow removed from the situation, she felt her lucidity receeding. She started to move again toward the man, her body moving without her permission, until she was standing next to him. Her hands reached out for him and she noticed, distantly, how pale her skin looked, white and iridescent. Her fingernails had grown into long white talons, which dug into the mans skin as she took his face in her hands and pulled him to his feet. As they looked at each other she saw recognition in his eyes. ‘Impossible’ she thought, although the thought was lost as their mouths met in a crushing kiss, his breath exploding from him as he sobbed into her. “You’re here!” he said, over and over again, as he clung to her, stroking and touching her. She pushed him from her, cruel laughter erupting from her as he stumbled backwards and fell heavily into the wet sand.

A voice was coming from her now, speaking in a language unknown , but he seemed to understand what she was saying. “YES!” he shouted “Yes, I fucking love you. Okay? You know I do, I always have…please…” The tears rolled from his eyes and he reached for her as she lowered herself down to straddle him. Her wet clothes were heavy and uncomfortable now. It was almost a relief when he started to undress her. His fingers desperately fumbling, unbuttoning her shirt and removing her bra. His breath became ragged and heavy “I want you now! right now!” he growled.

With a swift, hard, back-handed slap she laid him out, putting him firmly back in his place. She felt a thrill at the new-found power she suddenly possessed, she felt feral and needful, excitement cascaded through her like falling dominoes. He sobbed loudly and grabbed at her bottom, digging his fingers hard into her flesh and desperately pulling her against him. She could feel his cock through the thin material of her skirt and underwear, he was hard as steel beneath the cloth. “Forgive me, mistress” He whispered “But I’ve waited so long” 

She rose up from him, moving herself backward, softly kissing his chest and abdomen. Taking his cock in her hand, she scratched lightly with her long, pale talons over his balls. He wimpered and his fingers dug into the soft sand.  She took the very tip of him into her mouth, her teeth clamping on to the head of his cock. She reached up above her, resting her hands on his chest and holding him in her mouth with her teeth. Then, as she lowered her mouth slowly over him, her tongue twisting around him, she raked at his skin, brutally rending his flesh. He cried out, his body writhing against the pleasure and pain. His response quickened her pulse, she was giddy with power and she wanted to fuck. Needed to. Now.

She quickly re positioned herself. In one swift movement she exposed her cunt, and groaned with pleasure as she lowered herself slowly down onto his twitching cock. She bent her head to kiss him, hushing him with whispers and grinding her self against him, filling herself with him. Waves crashed against them now as the tide swiftly approached. Small rivulets of blood expanded into the cascading water as it washed over them. She tasted the metallic, salty wounds on his chest, the taste of his blood on her tongue spurring her to ride him harder and faster, though she was finding it harder and harder to gain purchase as the sand shifted constantly beneath them.

He sat up, gripping her to him as they rocked together, her cunt tightened around him as he impaled her. She gripped at his hair, wound tightly in the fingers of one hand, as the other dragged deep scratches into the skin of his back, matching his chest. She pulled his head backward, so that she could see the expression of pain on his face as she created the new wounds. She could feel her orgasm rising,  and snarled as it spiralled over her and burned through her nerves. He cried out as his own come jetted into her, and her cunt gripped and fluttered around him. She bit deep into the soft flesh of his shoulder and didn’t stop until she tasted his blood again, her teeth puncturing his skin. Marking him, her Severin.

The waves crashed heavy against them now, pulling them away into the water, away from the safety of the shore. She felt her grip relax and he drifted away from her as the sensations washed away with the swirling tide. She scrambled to her feet, reaching for him as he was pulled away into the heaving waters. The waves getting higher, now obscured her view of him. She tried to run towards him, dragging herself against the current. Her heavy clothes and the shifting sand pulled at her, and laboured her movement. He was gone. Momentarily disoriented, she struggled to gather her thoughts as lucidity returned. She had to get out of the water before she was swept away too. She looked for the light from the lighthouse, then lunged toward the shore line and the sound of the barking dog on the beach. Once safely out of the water, she fell, breathless on to the sand. She hugged her knees to herself and stared up at the Moon high above her. For the briefest of moments, somehow, that power had been hers, and she wanted it again.


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