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#Heat a #FuckMeFriday contribution.

February 25, 2011

‘Surreal’, The word repeats in my head as I watch you from the floor. You are smiling at the teller who is understandably, nervously eyeing your gun.
“just keep going sweet heart, you’re doing just fine” you say soothingly, as she empties her drawer-full of money into your bag.
You have clocked me. I see you glancing at me every now and then. I know I shouldn’t look, should just keep my head down, but I just can’t seem to take my eyes off you. The muscular frame, the mischievous smile. This is all something of a game to you. I don’t know why, but I find you fascinating.
I look through the glass door to the dark, wet street outside, waiting for the flash of blue lights accompanied by sirens. Nothing.
“Ok” You say, grinning and taking the bag from her “Thank you all for your patience and co-operation, I’ll be on my way now” You stroke your stubbled chin, thinking for a moment, then your finger extends towards me. “You!, Come here!”
My skin prickles. What is that? fear? excitement? Probably both. Is that wrong? I stand up shakily and walk, unsteady, giddy with the uncertainty of the situation, towards you.
Hoisting the bag on to your back you reach for my hand and pull me toward you, turning me so that I face away from you. I feel the heat of you behind me, your breath on my neck is intimate. Your free hand, the one without the gun in it, strokes my throat.
I close my eyes and swallow hard as I feel the gun press gently against my temple.
“Her life is in your hands people!” You say, your husky voice as calm as a mill-pond. “If I hear any sirens in the next ten minutes, this young lady here is going to come back and haunt you!” Your fingers lightly stroke my skin, giving me goose-flesh.
I start to feel light-headed though, somehow, I know you won’t harm me. The danger is intoxicating.
“Walk” you say quietly into my ear, pressing your hips against me and tucking your gun into your waist band. You are pushing me forward, towards the door. Hostage.
Out on the street you grab me by the hand and we take flight. We run through the rain, block after block, dipping into side streets and dodging through stores, until you think we are safely distant from the scene of your crime.
Finally, you pull me into a slim, dark side alley. My clothes cling wetly to me, the thin material of my white shirt does little to cover me now. I am thankful for the cover of night, though the way you look at me, hungry and lascivious, stirs something in me. I catch my ragged breath. Your slightly too long hair directs small rivulets of rain over your face. I want to taste them. You grin, breathless, as you push me up against the wall,”Thank You” you say, and your mouth slowly closes over mine. I instantly feel the fire start to kindle inside me. I slide my hands under your T-shirt and over your waist, until my fingers touch the cool metal of your gun. You reach behind you and pull it out. Amusement plays around your mouth and eyes. Mocking me.
“Is this what you were looking for, hon?” you ask, smiling gently down at me. “you want this, huh? Want some heat?” Your fingers slide wetly around my throat again, your ice blue eyes fixed intently on me as you use the gun to lift the hem of my skirt. I whimper as I feel the cold steel press against my cunt and your fingers tighten around my throat. You slide the gun slowly over me as our mouths crush together again. I feel you press it against my clit, gently pushing, then releasing, carefully fucking it against my clit. The soft material of my panties begins to slip over me as my cunt gets wetter.
“You like this don’t you? hmm? the danger of it? it turns you on” I nod, mutely as you unbutton your jeans.”Yeah, me too” You say, your voice breaking with lust. Your hands slide to the back of my thighs, lifting me up and opening me to you. I steady myself with my feet on the opposite wall as you quickly impale me with your cock.
I cry out as you slam into me, over and over again. I wrap my arms around your neck and ride you, feeling elated, the heady scent of our sex mingling with the smell of the rain-soaked streets.
With one arm holding me to you, you press the gun against my chest, aiming it at my heart. “Come for me” You command. I feel the ripples of tension quickly build to a crescendo as every inch of me tightens around you. The hard contractions of my cunt send you over the edge as we grind against each other. The grip of my cunt pulls you deeper, squeezing the jets of come from you.
Flashes in the sky, followed quickly by the loud boom of thunder seem an apt soundtrack as the ecstasy slowly recedes. We cling breathlessly to each other, quietly laughing, touching, stroking away the desperation of the fuck. Heat, subsiding.

  1. Mehry Inett permalink

    Great story — really hot!

  2. That’s so hot!

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