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@Jelly318 ~#Courier a #Wankwednesday Contribution.

March 2, 2011

The note arrives on my desk this morning at the usual time, the same as every other week since we had met. The language, as always, chosen for maximum impact, the font – courier- precise, ordered, exact. I slide my chair further under the desk and my hand trails over my thigh. Under my skirt, my fingers hook aside my panties and stroke at my clit. With my pen clenched between my teeth, a feeble attempt to stifle any outward signs of my lust, I read your note. It says:

I can’t get my mind off you.
The slide of my hands over your soft, warm skin. Your teasing touch that makes me ache for you.
The breath behind the kiss that catches in my tightening throat as I enter you, slowly, just how you want it.
The moan that slides over my lips and onto yours as I hilt myself inside you.
I can’t stop thinking about the way your cunt feels, the slick deep warmth that starts in my cock and envelopes all of me, when I am inside you.
I love to feel your tension grow, feel the tightening of your body and cunt as we get closer to the edge.
I like the sounds you make, the wimpers, moans and eventually shouts, as your orgasm approaches.
Are you touching yourself now? as you read this? am I getting to you? I don’t really need to ask, I know you are.
I know your fingers are snaking over your cunt as you read, I know you are fucking yourself, Imagining me inside you, burying my cock deep in you…

I can’t hold off the orgasm any more, as I dig and slide between the wet folds of my cunt, it squeezes and contracts around my fingers. I bite down hard on the pen , ‘oh god, don’t make a sound, they will hear you’
The intercom on my desk buzzes, and a voice, your voice, summons me to the morning meeting. You know precisely what time to call me, and exactly what I am doing.I smile.
“Coming” I say…


  1. Love, love, love it!

  2. Haha! Amazing!

  3. Hehe.. so delightful.

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