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~Balance~ A 100 word #flashfuck for #WankWednesday

March 9, 2011

Bastard! You’re doing it again! even though you promised me that you wouldn’t this time. Casually, impassively, you play with me. Stroking, twisting, pulling, rubbing, penetrating – but never quite enough to make me come. Deftly, with practiced skill bringing me closer to the point of orgasm, but stopping short. I am tense, desperate, trembling with the need for release. The slightest adjustment to pressure, or speed, or depth could tip the balance and send me over the edge. I await your word, the utterance that will give me permission. “Now, come for me”.

  1. Ahh, lovely and in 100 words too. Great entry, as it were.

  2. Likey very muchly 😉

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