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#Skirt. A #FlashFuck #FuckMeFriday Contribution.

April 1, 2011

The following piece is my humble contribution to Aisling Weaver’s (@AislingWeaver) #FuckMeFriday Challenge.

#Skirt  #FlashFuck.

One ray of  sun. That’s all there is to light the room around us. It bleeds in through the gap in the blind where the slats don’t quite meet properly anymore. Dust motes play in its languid heat. You are beside me, propped up on your elbow, reclining lazily, breathing steadily. Your physical demeanour suggests that you are flippant about this, or final encounter, but the intensity in your look gives you away. You carefully circle my navel with your forefinger, studying the small patch of skin that you are touching.  Deftly, we skirt the issue that is buzzing around the room like a wasp at a picnic. We are running out of time.

Tomorrow, we go our separate ways. Back to the real lives we have never really discussed, and the assorted hang up’s, neuroses and emotional baggage that we have managed to leave behind. Back to day job’s, supermarkets, housework and the weekly car wash. Dread floods the pit of my stomach, and I push the thoughts from my head.  My two weeks in the sun turned into one week in the sun, and one week in this room, ‘our’ room. The smell of white linen, fresh-cut flowers, half eaten room service food, wine and sex. This has become a hide-out for us, a place to pretend we are not who we are. Despite the charade, I wonder if I will ever feel this free again.  

You plant a kiss between my breasts, then slowly shift your weight until your face is next to mine. The kiss that follows wrenches at my heart. I trail my fingers lightly down your spine,  relishing the tiny shiver this elicits from you as our tongues meet. I feel your light breath on my lips and taste the sweetness wine, mingling with the taste of my cunt that still covers your lips.  

~ Fin~


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  1. Gorgeous…made me a bit teary.

  2. Aww, sorry Angel. Glad you liked it. 🙂

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