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@jelly318 #Tide :A #WankWednesday Addition.

April 6, 2011

I read the writing on the back of the photograph;  ‘Anna ~ Newquay, Cornwall~ Summer ’91’  Even now, just the thought of her still has the capacity to take my breath away. We spent the summer there in Newquay, surfing, diving, partying at night, then fucking and sleeping the days away.
I loved to watch her twist and writhe her way through the waves. Her light, sinuous frame carried effortlessly by the raging sea. I thrill at the memory of her walking out of the ocean, dripping wet, her Raven hair clinging to her beautiful, long, slender neck and shoulders.

I remember how my heart would almost explode with joy when after lazily enjoying the heat of the beach I would open my eyes again to the sun, prompted by feeling the tiny droplets of water that fell from her on to me, and see her face. I recall with a laugh the intensity in the ice blue of her eyes, and her mischievous smile as she moved her lips to mine. I loved to feel her nipples, brushing against me as we kissed, stiffened by the breeze caressing our sea soaked skin.

The recollection of the taste of her, the salty sweetness that was the essence of her, entices me to touch myself. I unbutton my jeans and swiftly dip my fingers into my cunt, plumped and moistened by my memories of her. I stroke myself, slowly, softly, as I think of our bodies crushed together in ecstasy, our hips rocking, holding each other as though, at any moment, we could be torn from each other. How our fingers, tongues, cunts and nipples would push and penetrate, search and twist .  ‘ Come and play with me!’ She would say, and laugh at my eager readiness to fully indulge her. The desperate thirst for each other never seemed to be fully slaked.

My fingers circle my clit with ever-increasing pressure as I think of her, of us. I push my thighs wider and my fingers deeper into myself as I recall how she looks when she comes. Her soft mouth slightly open, teeth biting at her lip to stifle the sighs and moans, her eyes shut tight, her back arched, her head thrown back. There is a rush of pleasure at the thought of her cunt, fluttering, pulsing and tightening around my fingers as I stroke her inside.

I come hard on my hand, with a ragged rush of breath, and cry out her name as the tension of my orgasm is broken.

“You called?” says a gently mocking voice, from the doorway to our living room. I open my eyes to see Anna’s beautiful face smiling. We smile at each other as she notices the photograph “Hi honey, I’m home”.


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  1. Fuck, that is hot. I could imagine Anna so clearly.
    Wonderful, thanks for playing again this week.
    Ruby x

    • Hey Ruby! 🙂 The pleasure is all mine – Thanks for hosting WW! It’s so much fun! 🙂

  2. hot & steamy just like summer on the beach…nicely done

  3. loved it! Well done. 🙂

  4. A perfect ending to a delightfully hot piece. Nice writing.

    • Thanks Erica. I wasn’t sure about the ending, I thought it might be a bit obvious,but it seems to have gone down well. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

  5. Such a simple but imaginative approach. So well written, so sexy and with such a delightfully surprising happy ending.

    • Thank you sweetie. Next week might try something a bit more humerous, your post for #ww was soooo funny. PMSL. 🙂

  6. yes this is great….at first we are lead to believe that we are witnessing a love lost….until the end. Very well done.


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