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#Rush~ A 100 word #FlashFuck for#FuckMeFriday

April 8, 2011

This is a small, yet hopeful entry for Aisling Weaver’s (@AislingWeaver)#Fuckmefriday Blog. 😉

We are new, he and I. Every word and every look we exchange is digested, dissected, scanned for hidden meaning and nuance. Each new caress is a discovery. In the taste of his kisses, his skin, his come, new memories are born. Every slow penetration of his cock or his fingers, his tongue or his will, brings a new rush of sensation. The delicious arch of his back and sweet rhythmic thrust of his hips are narcotic. I learn the feel of him and file it under familiarity.

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  1. Even the memories are getting laid in your piece! :o) A beautiful prose poem.

  2. *purrrrrrrr*

  3. *mmmmm* Yum.

    Thank you for taking up the challenge, Paula. I always look forward to seeing what you’ll do with it 🙂

  4. Yes yes yes! That last line – “I learn the feel of him and file it under familiarity.” – is so very very good. Just beautiful Thank you for sharing!

  5. 🙂 glad you liked it! thanks for commenting. xx

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