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~ Redeem~ A #5minutefiction Challenge Addition

April 12, 2011

This piece has been submitted over on Leah Petersen’s (@LeahPetersen) lovely site which you can link to here ( I hope) > The other entires are all sooo good ( I don’t stand a chance hehehe, but hey, nothing ventured, etc etc)

And how might I redeem myself? Am I forgiven when your deft fingers twist at the screws securing my thumbs? When the tears run freely, if accompanied by wretched begging? How many lashes of the tongue that tears my flesh must I endure? Is there a script for me? some line I should say to elicit your mercy? Pushing, ever pushing, the boundaries are stretched beyond sight. Are you not done with me yet?

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One Comment
  1. fucking hell, i’ve lived this soooo many times. masterful, my dear. absolutely masterful. i can’t stop reading it.
    and i feel the wrench every. single. time.

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