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#Seat. A #FuckMeFriday Post. 150 word #FlashFuck

April 22, 2011

The seat that I am tied to is hard, cold and uncomfortable, but I don’t care.
The rough ropes that bind my ankles to the chair’s legs are constricting the flow of blood to my feet, giving me pins and needles. I pay it no mind.
My hands, secured to the spindles of the seat back are useless. I cannot touch you, or my wet, wanton self. When an intense sensation causes me to move them the rope pulls at my neck, and tightens the gag that is secured there. I think nothing of it.
You have, painstakingly slowly, circled each of my nipples with ice, and the blades of your hand held fan are coming dangerously close to them. Still, the predominant thought in my mind is that soon you will free me, nurse my wounds and soothe me. Then you will be inside me. I shall dwell on that.

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  1. Reading your intense description had me on the edge of my seat. :o)

  2. Oh my…that’s vivid, Paula! Thank you for taking up the challenge…I always enjoy seeing where you will take the prompts 😀

  3. niiiice – i likey! but…
    “…the predominant thought in my mind is that soon you will free me…” are you suuuuure…? *grin*

  4. *bites lip and squirms*
    I think reactions speak louder than words :p

    • Indeed they do Angel! 😉 Glad to be of service hahaha. Thanks for commenting, it always means a lot to me when I get feedback.

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