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#Shield For #WankWednesday

April 26, 2011

(@eroticnotebook) Ruby Kiddle – smutty wordsmith, and international sex pot – is very kindly hosting #WankWednesday once again this week. The prompt is #Shield. The following post is my contribution to this weekly parade of lovely filth! 😉


There are few things I like more than to look at you, naked in the candle light. My beautiful valkyrie. I drink in the sight. I like the way your downcast eyes and your hands, clasped behind you, make you seem demure. I know that if I stare long enough you will grow impatient for me to touch you. You will reach for me, pull me against your golden, Amazonian frame and desperately writhe your hips into mine. The words that will spill from your mouth will prompt the juices to spill from our cunts. Your vocabulary could shock the most battle hardened of warriors.
I have relieved you of your sword and shield, breastplate and skirt. I have taken away the things that protect you from harm and exposed your soft, vulnerable flesh. I will nurse your wounds, wrap then in softness, then check that your scars are healing before I inflict any more. You will cry havoc as I sink into you, pull and bite, stroke and kiss, taste and fuck, and then you will beg me “Again”. But, for now, I look on in wonder at the sight of you.

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  1. Really like this thanks for sharing

  2. A beautiful and imaginative approach and very hot. :o)

  3. Lovely….you told a very vivid tale with just a few words.


  4. Thanks everyone! 🙂 You are all officially ‘Fab!’

  5. Beautiful! And rather striking.

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