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#Utensil A #Wankwednesday Contribution.

May 18, 2011

Here is this weeks addition to Ruby Kiddle’s (@eroticnotebook on twitter) #wankwednesday blog. The prompt this week is #Utensil.


Amelie arrived home exhausted but elated, her late meeting had gone very well indeed and she had landed her biggest client yet, she wanted to celebrate. She headed for the wine rack and selected her favourite white. With the sound of the cork popping free from the bottle neck she felt some of her tension ebb away, this was what the end of the working day ought to sound like. Amelie had developed some little rituals over the last few years, to help her unwind after work. Phase one, the opening of the sacrificial bottle of wine, was complete. Now for phase two.  She began to free herself, button by exquisite button from her stiff, constrictive suit and shirt ensemble; the standard uniform of every executive office worker in the free world. Eventually she was left in just her open shirt and underwear.  As she removed the clips and pins that had been holding her hair neatly in its place all day, she exhaled slowly and ran her fingers through it. Finally Amelie picked up the bottle and a big wine glass and padded, barefoot, to the room that Jade had commandeered as her studio. Time for phase three.

As she neared the studio door Amelie could hear the familiar grainy scratch of the glass cutter utensil, guided by Jade’s deft hands, etching a sharp line into the smooth surface of the piece she was working on. Amelie’s heart sank a little. Sometimes Jade would get annoyed when she was disturbed from her work, and her concentration was broken. She certainly had the artistic temperament to accompany her skill. This was going to be a  bit of a gamble, but Amelie couldn’t implement phase three of her plan without the assistance of her beloved. Hesitantly, she edged into the room waving the bottle in front of her like a white flag. A tempting peace-offering, she felt.  The familiar warm, chemical scent of the studio was a mixture of fumes from the soldering flux which Jade used for her lead work, glass paint and turpentine. The smell was comforting.

Jade caught sight of Amelie just as she began to tap away a piece of the design. She  was startled, jumped and let out a small yelp. Her hand dragged across the newly exposed, keen edge of the glass, slicing deep into her finger. A line of blood beaded, then tipped from her wound, quickly filling the end of the latex glove that covered it.  ‘Shit!’ Jade shouted, clutching her hand to her chest. ‘Ah! Merde!’ Said Amelie, and made her way quickly across the room. Somehow, whenever there was a situation such as this, she always slipped back into her native tongue. ‘Laissez-moi voir votre coupe’ She said, carefully peeling off the glove to look at the wound. Amelie bustled Jade toward the studio sink and washed away some of the blood, then covered the cut with a paper towel. ‘I’m sorry, Cherie’ She said, ‘I thought you heard me come in. Are you ok?. I think this might need sutures.’ Amelie nervously bit her bottom lip as she lifted the paper towel to look again at the cut.

Jade tutted. ‘Honestly, Amelie, don’t make such a fuss.I’m fine. Occupational hazard.’ To Amelie’s relief, Jade was smiling. Despite her gentle admonishment, Jade allowed Amelie to nurse and dress her wound, never once taking her eyes from Amelie’s face. The intensity of her stare made Amelie blush a little. She knew, without a doubt, exactly what was on Jade’s mind. Phase three was about to begin. Jade took Amelie’s face in her hands, fingers pushing into the tangle of her hair. Slowly she pulled Amelie’s face to hers. As their lips brushed, jades tongue lightly touched against Amelie’s top lip, provoking a spark of sensation which coiled through her to her cunt. Jades arms circled her as she deepened her kiss with a careful bite, and lifted Amelie on to her work bench.

‘Only one glass,  Wǒ de ài?’ Jade asked, smiling.

‘The glass is for me to drink from, the bottle is for you’ Laughed Amelie. ‘I know you don’t really care for etiquette!’ Jade slid her hands along Amelie’s inner thighs and gently pushed them apart. She manoeuvred herself between them and pulled against Amelie’s hips as she kissed her again, sliding the soft cotton of her shirt down, to bare her smooth, olive skin. Jade laid kiss after kiss on her face, neck and shoulders. ‘No, you are right Wǒ de ài, etiquette really isn’t my strong suit’. As she spoke, Jade reached for the tool that she used for scoring her glass, and with one swift cut she sliced through the small ribbon of fabric that held the cups of Amelie’s bra together. She watched with a satisfied smile as Amelie’s beautiful breasts fell free from their confines.

Hungrily, Jade’s mouth took each nipple in turn, swirling her tongue around the aureola and biting as they stiffened against her tongue. Amelie sighed and arched herself back, inviting further onslaught. Her fingers gripped a tenuous handful of Jades short hair, pulling her against her breast. She began to breathe harder as she felt her cunt flush, hot and wet.  Jade pulled away from her and reached for a length of lead that she had been working with. Holding Amelie’s hands behind her back she quickly bound her. ‘If you can’t keep yourself in control, I will have to do it for you’ Jade breathed the words into Amelie’s neck as she tightened the binding. Amelie shivered, unsure whether it was due to excitement, nerves or the sensation of Jade’s warm breath on her nape.

Jade reached for her soldering iron, brushing its tip over a small wetted sponge to clear away some residual lead. She pulled at the fabric of Amelie’s thong. Holding it between her thumb and fingers she patiently burned through the fabric. She smiled, lascivious, as she worked. To Amelie, impatient for Jades touch, the process was maddeningly slow, though it could only have taken a moment.  First one side strap, then the other was charred and smouldered away. Jade slowly uncovered Amelie’s needful cunt, taking a minute to appreciate the sight of her lover, bound and wanton. Her face flushed with lust.

Jade stooped to kiss Amelie, her stomach, hips and thighs. She rested her hands either side of  Amelie and traced a line with her tongue along her inner thigh. Amelie opened her self even wider, a gesture of encouragement. She was desperate to feel Jade’s tongue on her, tasting, teasing the way she always did.  Jades mouth closed over Amelie, sucking her in and writhing her tongue over the hot, wet folds of her cunt, brushing roughly over her clit. Amelie  pushed herself against Jade, a low growl slipped from her throat and she felt the familiar fluttering begin as her orgasm approached. It was too soon. Amelie wanted to prolong the ecstasy. Though she was more than capable of having multiple orgasms, the first was always the most intense, the most needed.

Jade sensed her building excitement and, reluctantly, backed off. She lightly dipped her tongue into Amelie instead. With small flicks of her tongue penetrating, then withdrawing from Amelie’s cunt, Jade expertly allowed Amelie’s climax to ebb a little, occasionally licking gently at her clit to keep her on the edge. Jade moved her tongue slowly over Amelie’s labia, pushing and probing now and then to maintain control of Amelie’s excitement. Amelie loved to fuck Jades mouth, and she knew that Jade loved the taste of her. Later, when she fucked her fingers into Jade’s lust soaked cunt, she would get all the proof she needed of that.  Amelie pulled at her restraint, her hands longing to reach for Jade, pull her mouth even harder into herself, and writhe against her tongue. The frustration of being out of control was driving Amelie insane. She loved it.

Jade smiled, her tongue pushing deeper and harder into  Amelie now as her hips rocked into her lascivious mouth. She felt Amelie’s cunt muscles tighten and contract around her tongue, her juices ran from her, coating jade’s tongue with the sweet, soft taste of her. Jade drank and savoured her lovers excitement, and thrilled as she felt her lose all control. Amelie came hard, loud and needful, shouting and laughing out her relief  and elation, as her orgasm seared through her. Phase three was now well and truly complete.


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  1. Oh wow that’s hot!

  2. This is a great line “Jade slowly uncovered Amelie’s needful cunt,” Love it!


  3. That was exciting, a lovely piece

  4. Beautiful.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. Much appreciated. =D

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