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~ Mouse~

June 1, 2011

The #wankwednesday prompt from Ruby Kiddle (@eroticnotebook) this week is #squeak. Please take the time to read the other entires over on Ruby’s blog. You won’t be disappointed!



” Are you ready, Mouse?”

The crackle and roar of the furnace fire fills the small cave and echoes from its stone walls. I hear Wolf, stoking the fire behind me, pushing her branding iron deeper into the white-hot centre of the flames.  Ami’s face is inches from mine, his question, barely a whisper. His ancient eyes search me for reassurance which I cannot give. Although a certain calm has settled upon me, I don’t know how I will bear this trial. The expression of concern on his face is gut-wrenching.

We straddle the trunk of the sacred Rowan, felled aeon’s ago for its purpose. This is the place where all of us endure this rite of passage, to receive the mark of our totem.  Ami, our shaman, my mentor and teacher, has proclaimed this to be the day I will receive mine. We knew this day would come. We have talked for many hours about it, and he has agonised over the prospect. To order such torture to be inflicted on me, little mouse, is almost more than he can face.

He takes hold of my hands and places them at the tops of his thighs. His hands move over my skin, caressing, then coming to rest and gripping my upper arms. My fingers dig into his muscle as I brace myself for the moment of contact. I am determined to endure this with courage and grace. I nod over my shoulder at Wolf, who is waiting patiently to carry out her sacred duty. A brief flicker of surprise shows in Ami’s face and a ripple of murmuring voices comes from the gathered crowd. No doubt they are all confused that my usually meek demeanour is absent.

I feel the sweat seeping from every pore. It trickles down my face and neck. I look at Ami, beads of perspiration bud from his skin, then spill down to his dark, furrowed brow. His soulful eyes capture my gaze and time becomes elastic. The moment stretches back into the ages. My Ami. Vision blurs until I feel more of him than I see. His solid presence is always more than just physical, but today, more than usual,  I sense him searching my mind, looking for a place to hold me.  

My thoughts collapse into darkness as terror threatens to engulf me. I lean in to him, our foreheads touching, and I take a ragged breath. I feel the scorching heat of the metal before it connects with the skin of my shoulder-blade, etching the mouse shaped totem mark into my flesh. I flinch, but Ami holds me still. At the moment of contact, white-hot pain sears through me, every nerve is stretched and tenderised. I roar out the agony from my core. My voice, usually barely more than a squeak, thunders from my chest.

Ami breathes in the sound, taking my pain into himself, his mouth almost covering mine. I want his kiss, and tilt my face towards him. “No, Mouse”. He says firmly. His rough, strong hands grip me, steady me. I can taste him. In my mind’s eye I see myself, tiny, laying in the palm of his hand. My own hands stroke and caress my skin, pulling at my nipples and snaking into the wet folds of my cunt. My roar becomes a moan, the lovers wanton signal. “Mouse, stop this.”  Ami breathes, his grip tightening on my arms.

His mouth presses, urgent against my lips. I see his body cover me. My hands trail his spine, coming to rest in the small of his back. I pull him into me and sigh out in ecstasy as he fills me, my legs wrapping around him. I arch my hips into his, grinding myself hard against him. An act of brutal, disrespectful lust. My orgasm rises and crests in a flicker of a second, it’s intensity undone by the removal of the brand from my shoulder-blade.

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  1. Oh I totally loved this and the tension you built up.

  2. Squeaky permalink

    Whoa! intense is right! bravo!

    • Thanks Toni, I hope to get round to rading some of the other entries tonight, I always look forward to yours! 🙂 x x

  3. annieplayer permalink

    made my chest tight and a little short of breath… love it!

  4. Powerful, beautifully written and imaginative, though I must admit that anything involving red-hot brands is the opposite of erotic to me. Yikes. :oo

    • Thanks Scribbler! Yeah sorry, I realised the branding might put some people off, but fuck it! the muse always gets what she wants. 🙂

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