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~Dyspraxia (πρᾶξις) ~

June 15, 2011

This is my entry for this weeks #WankWedneday Prompt #Practice, which has been arranged by the glorious Ruby Kiddle (@eroticnotebook) – she is famous, sexy and talented – well, alright, maybe not quite famous, but you should definitely check out her blog (The Erotic Notebook) and follow her on twitter!. It’s much more interesting than watching the telly, or whatever it is you normally do to pass the time. Unless of course, you pass the time by reading MY blog. If that’s the case I love you & you should definitely hang out here for a bit, then go and read the others. 🙂


Practice: Derived from the greek word  ‘Praxis’. This is the process by which the theoretical learning of a lesson or skill can be enacted, re-enacted and realised in order to achieve practical, physical experience of an idea.  Aristotle also made further distinction between good praxis (eupraxia) and bad praxis (dyspraxia), the latter sometimes being the mother of misfortune.

 “The structure, form and function of human anatomy is a constant marvel, don’t you agree Eva?”  Nick stroked Eva’s neck and jaw line as he spoke, softly and precisely enunciating every word. “The human body is capable of bearing so much more than most people will ever experience” Her eyes widened in response and her teeth clenched against the leather strap that was tied across her mouth. He walked around her, his footfall echoing in the empty room. Each step was accentuated by crunching noises as he stepped on the dusty, plaster strewn floorboards.  Eva’s knees were grazed and sore from kneeling there for so long. Every muscle and joint ached and burned, and beads of sweat breached each pore.

 Her breath was ragged, panting. Each exhalation was punctuated with a small, quiet sigh. Eva looked up at the rafters above her, one of the many hooks embedded there held her, suspended by the ropes that Nick had tied to her wrists. She wondered how much longer she could go on.  Her hips and thighs ached and she gripped and pulled at her bonds, trying to ease the pressure. She shifted her weight uncomfortably, her movement restricted by the spreader bar that was secured just above her knees. Nick’s gaze followed hers to the wooden beams above them, he read her thoughts. “Soon, my love” He said, taking her face in his hands and kissing her forehead.

“Today, Eva, you present me with something of a dichotomy,” He continued, peering closely at her. “I am impressed with your physical responses and your growing capacity for endurance. I think I must have used almost every toy and tool in my possession to fuck and tease you over the last few days. With just a little more practice, I think you could become my favourite little fuck slut.” He laughed quietly as he pulled at the small chain suspended between the clamps on her nipples. “You are desperate to come now though, aren’t you Eva?” His piercing eyes searched her face as she nodded vehemently, her own eyes pleading with him. Such was the nature of their relationship, if you could call it that. Nick would spend days on end tormenting and teasing her, bringing her to the point of orgasm, but denying her the pleasure until he was done with her. He would then, reluctantly, let her come almost as an afterthought. She desperately wanted to fuck him, but she had never even seen let alone felt his cock. 

 “I love watching you writhe and twist as I play with you, it really is nothing short of ecstasy for me, I could do this forever. But, curiously and quite unexpectedly, this time I find that I want to watch you come.” He said, with a wry smile. He reached between her legs. Slowly, patiently he stroked her cunt bringing her once again closer and closer to coming. She was soaked with her juices and his fingers slipped easily into her. They glistened with a glossy sheen as he intermittently rubbed her clit then dipped inside her, briefly touching her g-spot.

Eva’s hips pushed painfully toward him, urging him to stroke her harder and fuck her deeper.  She threw her head back and growled as she tried in vain to writhe harder against his hand. Nick felt Eva’s cunt muscles begin to tighten and grip his fingers, she strained against her ropes and her body became taut. He withdrew his touch before she had passed the point of no return, and backed away from her. Eva screamed her frustration at him, the sound muffled maddeningly by her gag,  her eyes watered with tears of frustration which blurred her vision. “Not like this” he said, shaking his head. He walked from the room, returning shortly with a full length mirror which he placed in front of her.

Eva looked at herself, she was shocked by the expression of wanton lust that she saw in her own eyes. Her hair clung to her, and her face was flushed, glistening with sweat. Dust clung to her skin, and small rivulets of sweat had streaked paths through the grime that covered her. She looked like some wild thing, trapped and desperate and panting. Nick, now shirtless, moved behind her. She studied his muscular chest in the mirror as he brushed back her hair from her face. A rush of adrenaline coursed through her and she longed for him to fuck her. Her eyes pleaded with him in the mirror before them.

To Eva’s great surprise and delight, he smiled as his long slender fingers deftly and quickly undid his belt and pulled at his zipper. “This way, I can fuck you and watch you come all at the same time” He said, his voice ragged with his lust. He knelt behind her, lifted her and rested the spreader bar on his knees. His arm around her waist, he carefully lowered  her, positioning his cock for penetration and pulling her back against him. She felt his cock push a little way into her and her skin bristled with goose-flesh. He reached around to press his finger against her clit as he lazily hilted himself inside her. She fought her desperate need to come and forced herself to relax and breathe, just the way she had practiced. She wanted this to last, she needed to fuck him, and she was determined that this time she would make him come.

Eva knew it was against the rules, his rules. She knew that later she would pay dearly for her transgression. She had been practising, like he always urged her to do, training herself for this very moment. Now he would find out just how much she was really capable of, and he would see that the human body, her body, could be conditioned to perform in some unexpected ways. She gripped his cock with the muscles of her cunt, securing him there and squeezing him tightly. She heard a gratifying moan rumble in his throat as his hands slipped to her waist, and she tightened her ankles against his thighs restricting his ability to move. “Eva, what are you doing?” he asked, breathlessly. She looked at his face, visible over her shoulder in the mirror. His eyes were half closed and his lascivious expression excited her. He pushed against her hips, half-heartedly trying to push her from him. She knew that he was already starting to yield to her will, and lose control of the situation.

She began to slowly rock her hips back and forth, the motion causing the ropes at her wrists to bite into her flesh. She breathed through the pain and focused on the feel of him, solid and twitching inside her.  It was not enough, she needed more. With her legs still secured to the spreader bar, and her ankles gripping at Nick’s thighs, she had too little freedom of movement to allow her to gain purchase with her legs. She grasped the rope above her and pulled against it, praying that the hook above them was secure enough to take her weight. She began to raise and lower herself, sliding her cunt up and down his shaft.

Despite the burning in her muscles and the unforgiving bite of the ropes at her wrists, Eva repeatedly hoisted and lowered herself over his cock, his cries became louder and more intense as he began to throb and twitch inside her. His fingers gripped her painfully as he began to slam into her, his own lust prompting him to lift and lower her despite himself. She felt him seat his cock inside her as jets of come erupted from him, he cried out her name as he came.

Eva increased the grip of her cunt and squeezed him hard each time she lifted herself, milking him of every drop of come. His cries became shouts and the surprise on his face was evident. Eva, elated,  basked in her victory as she came, her own orgasm amplified by the adrenaline rush that accompanied her achievement. She knew she would be made to pay for this, but she didn’t care, she had immersed herself in the practice and the results had been perfect.


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  1. Ooh, that’s superb! Liz x

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    Whooeee! *fans self* goddammit, I love your writing!

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