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What’s in a Name?… (A #fuckmefriday post.)

June 17, 2011

This is my contribution to Aisling Weaver’s (@AilsingWeaver on twitter)  #FuckMeFriday Blogpost Which you can find here >

The prompt this week is #smell. Please do take the time to read all the other entries on her blog. You won’t be disappointed I’m sure. 🙂

What’s In A Name?

Evan watched the girl pulling the awning down over the entrance to her booth on the pier. Fat drops of summer rain lashed against her, quickly soaking her and saturating her clothes so that they clung to her. The thin material of her white dress became almost translucent. The faded, peeling sign above her booth, which was little more than a ramshackle wooden hut, announced her as ‘Rosie Plunkett – Clairvoyant, Mistress of Palmistry and Tarot’.  As she struggled with her task, he was transfixed by the gentle curve of her breasts. He noticed, with a slight rush, that she wasn’t wearing a bra.  He watched them sway and bounce slightly as she fought to fix the awning in its place. His cock began to stiffen.

He had never been in, never visited her booth, though he had toyed with the idea for a while now. Fortune telling was all bullshit in his opinion, but the girl herself he found very attractive. Someone had said that Rosie wasn’t her real name, that she had chosen it because it was a Romany Gypsy name, and it fit her profession. Whatever, the name fit her too, she was sweet and pretty and ultra feminine. He often watched her from the bar on the pier, where he worked. Embarrassingly, she almost always caught him, smiling shyly at him and sometimes waving. Perhaps she really could read minds and knew he was looking, but he doubted it.  They chatted from time to time, but other than the odd occasions when she invited him in for a reading, it was mostly just a – ‘Hello, how are you?’- sort of exchange.

Every morning, after setting up, he would pass by her booth on his way to the coffee shop.  Rosie’s booth had a caramel sweet scent that sometimes drifted tantalizingly across the pier.It came from the oils that she burned in tiny, ornate dishes, dotted around the hut.  Evan was convinced that this was the main thing that drew people in. She smelled of it too. He noticed it whenever they passed each other. It was a soft and feminine and enticing smell. It spoke of indulgent, forbidden, midnight things, and it stirred something in him. He was always a little awkward and tongue-tied when he was near her, like a giddy little school boy.

Rosie stood beneath her awning, finally sheltered from the rain. She ruffled her fingers through her short-cropped, white blonde hair, sending out a shower of raindrops. Sighing, she looked across the pier, toward the bar. Evan’s heart began to pound in his chest as she started to make her way towards him. ‘Oh my god! she’s coming in!’  He thought, ‘Don’t look at her chest!’ He repeated the thought over and over as she approached, inwardly admonishing himself in an attempt to avert the high probability of embarrassment.

“Damned rain!, will it ever stop do you think?” She asked, smiling as she crossed the short distance from the door.

“Um, h-hello Rosie” Evan stuttered “Um, uh, maybe, don’t know”.

The words blundered heavily from his tongue. ‘Gibbering fool!’ He thought, blushing at his obvious inability to string together a simple sentence. Instantly his gaze was drawn to her breasts. Their perfect curve and form was startlingly evident through her dress. He could also see clearly the slightly darker outline of her nipples, which were now erect and pointing at him through the thin material that covered them. A few drops of water fell from her hair on to the nape of her neck, they pooled there for a second before slipping down, over her chest and down into her cleavage.

“I was wondering if you, maybe, had a towel that I could borrow? She tilted her head towards him, catching his stare with her eyes and drawing his gaze back up to her face. “A clean beer mat will do, if you’ve nothing else.” She shot him a smile that almost knocked the breath from him. He fumbled behind him to reach for a bar mat, knocking over a dish of lime wedges as he did so. He daren’t move too far from the cover of the bar, lest she see the bulge of his erection in his jeans. As he handed it to her, their fingers brushed. A shock of what felt like electricity raced over his skin and he felt goose bumps rise.

“Dammit, I’m soaked to the skin” She exclaimed. As she rubbed the towel over her hair, her breasts swayed from side to side. Evan found himself staring at her, dumbfounded. She dropped her arms to her sides and moved closer to the bar, her expression intense. “But you can already see that, can’t you Evan?” She said quietly.  Evan opened his mouth to reply, but no words would come. His heart raced and his face was flushed. He wanted to die now, or for the ground to open up underneath him and swallow him up. “It’s ok” She said, “You can look at me if you really want to, I don’t mind, it’s a male thing, this fascination with breasts, I understand.” She smiled.

Rosie slowly undid some of the buttons of her dress, fixing him with a salacious stare. She dabbed at her face and chest with the bar mat, soaking up the droplets of rain from her skin, then handed it back to Evan. “Thank you” she said “But I’m not sure this is going to be enough. If a client comes in they will get more than they bargained for, I think” She laughed. “Could I borrow one of those t-shirts, perhaps?” she asked, pointing to the wall behind him. Every now and then the brewery would run a promotion for a certain type of beer, and they would get a small stock of t-shirts to sell to the tourists.

“Sure, I’ll just get one for you from out back” He shuffled through to the office at the rear of the bar, covering his bulbous crotch with his hands as he went. Grateful for the chance to gather himself a little, he quickly caught his breath. After a minute he realised he still had the bar mat in his hand. He lifted it to his face, and slowly breathed in the sweet scent of her that had permeated the fibres of the towel. ‘Fuck, what am I doing?’ He thought, astonished at himself. He put the mat on a shelf and grabbed a shirt from a box on the floor. ‘Now, Evan, please, try to be a normal when you get back out there would you?’

“Here you go Rosie” He said, flamboyantly proffering the garment with a flourish. He had somehow gone from a blithering buffoon, to a grinning, flailing  moron in the space of a few short minutes. His latest surprise persona seemingly a desperate, knee jerk reaction to being mute before. ‘You fucking idiot’ He thought. Rosie just smiled as though she hadn’t noticed and pulled the t-shirt on.

“I’ll bring this back for you later, I promise” She said as she pushed through the door and went back to her booth.

Evan got himself a shot of whisky, and went to his office to sit down and regroup. After a short, sharp talk with himself he managed to calm down, and get a little perspective. It wasn’t so bad. She had been really quite understanding. Well, at least she hadn’t slapped him, although looking back on it, that may have helped. He spent the rest of the day pondering the mornings events, imagining scenarios in which he had been debonaire, cool, suave even, and had taken her, hard, in a very butch and manly fashion. A few tourists came and went, but business was slow, probably due to the rain, which meant that unfortunately there was little to take his mind off Rosie.

Closing time edged up slowly. Evan polished, swept and closed the blinds, then emptied the tills and went into the back room to put the money in the safe. He caught the scent of her as soon as he walked into the room, his cock semi-hardening again almost instantly. The bar mat she had used to dry herself lay on the shelf next to the safe; it still carried her scent. As soon as he saw it, the image of her drying her cleavage barged into his mind. He picked it up and pressed it to his nose, allowing the graphically pornographic thoughts he had been having about her all day, to finally flood his mind.

He sat heavily down in the office chair, unzipped his fly and fervently released his cock into his hand. He began to stroke himself to full hardness and squeezed the tip of his cock, imagining her mouth closing around him, gently biting his head. He closed his eyes and thought of her tongue, snaking around his tip, and the soft brush of her warm breath on his skin as she lowered her lips down his length. He tightened his fingers around his shaft and tugged and twisted his hand over himself. The scent of her seemed to fill the room as he pleasured himself, and he savoured it, relishing his senses.

“Oh, um….Evan?”

Evan felt his stomach plummet to the floor as he heard the voice, her voice, from the doorway.

“I, um, just brought the, um, t-shirt back” She said softly. He swore he could hear a touch of mirth in her tone.

“Oh, god no!”  He groaned, and squeezed his eyelids tightly together. He was blushing crimson. He found himself wishing this were a nightmare, and that at any minute he would wake up, somewhere not here, not with her. Sheepishly, he opened one eye and tried to cover himself, but all he had to hand was the beer mat. It seemed a little crass. To his surprise, Rosie, instead of being horrified at his exposure was smiling, and was once again opening the buttons of her dress.

“I’ve been thinking about you all day, Evan” She purred softly. She walked quickly across the office and straddled him in one swift, nimble movement, her legs fitting easily through the gaps in the arms of the office chair. “I couldn’t get you out of my mind. Your shyness, your blushing, you’re just too fucking cute!” She exclaimed as she took his cock in her hand. “And, if you don’t fuck me, hard, right now, I will never forgive you”

“Yes, ma’am!” Evan growled. Eagerly, he pulled her slender hips toward him as she guided him inside her. That beautiful, caramel aroma filled his senses as the warm, soft wetness of her cunt slid easily down over his cock, enveloping him.  She rocked her hips and slowly rode him as he held her. He nuzzled into her breasts, the softness of her skin contrasting beautifully with the hardness of her nipples which gently grazed against his cheek. He reached up and took each breast in his hands, squeezing fistfuls of her flesh and pushing each nipple in turn into his hungry mouth.

Rosie gasped as he bit sharply onto her, pulling at her nipples with his teeth and fucking himself deeper into her as he did. He could feel her tension rise as her orgasm approached, and he felt his cock begin to throb and twitch in response. Soon, his come flooded into her as her cunt squeezed and fluttered around him. They gasped out their orgasms, gripping each other and rocking together until the tension and intensity ebbed.

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