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~Once~. For #wankwednesday

July 13, 2011

The following is my contribution to Ruby Kiddle’s #wankwednesday blog which you can find here: please do take the time to read the other entries and feel free to comment, you know we love it!. 🙂


Sean ‘Silas’ Valyn picked up his guitar and began to pick and strum at the strings. Her image, fixed in his mind from last night, had dominated his conscious thought all day. He had only seen her once, but it was enough. His need to somehow capture her consumed him.

Rhythmically, methodically, he formed the music of a new song. A song crafted for her. The notes generated in his head spilled into the room, as his fingers  found their mark. He didn’t need to write it down. It was as if he already knew it by heart.

He pictured her, alone, half lit by the muted stage lights.  He remembered how her eyes were closed as if she were caught in some rapture, and how she had wrapped her arms around herself, swaying to the drum beat as he began to sing his song. He found himself wanting to hold her that way, and feel the warmth and texture of her skin under his hands, and the rhythmic movement of her body as she swayed.

Her white dress, her tumbling raven hair and dark red lips were etched into his mind’s eye. The movement of her lips as she sang along with him, drew his attention away from his surroundings. The perfect curve of her cupids bow forming the words, his words, captivated him. For the first time ever, he felt truly unafraid to be so exposed up on the stage. He wanted her to look at him, so that he could discover the colour of her eyes  and the character that might be revealed there.

He imagined her now, writhing with him as they fucked. He thought of how she might look with her head tilting backwards as she arched against him, coming hard. He pictured that perfect mouth,  forming the shape of his name as she cried it out, and he pondered how it might feel if he kissed her.

As he daydreamed, he played. Each note tantric, deft, accomplished and perfect and suddenly he knew, without a doubt, that he would only ever play it once.

From → Erotica

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  1. Lovely and sexy, thanks for sharing.

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