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September 25, 2011

I sigh as you begin.

An expression of boredom rather than pleasure.

It is as I expected.

I wearily hold out my wrists to accept the cuffs, open my mouth to the gag, kneel, bow and wait.

You promised to unveil darkness.

Expose me, unleash revelations.

So far, I find you …beige.

The spanking begins in earnest, with a damp, leather gloved hand to redden my cheeks.

Yes, if you say so…I am a naughty girl…mistress.

Another sigh.

Yes, I am cold, mistress.

Inside and out.

You scorn me, pulling back my head with a fist full of hair and scowl at my ambivalence.

Again, you promise to show me.

Threaten to pick at the wiry, black sutures and tease open the wounds and scars that have hardened to form my exoskeleton.

I dare you, with a disdainful lift of the eyebrow.

You produce twisted snakes of rope.

I start to pay attention.

Warmth begins to prickle in my veins.


Winding, twisting and tightening you deftly and quickly bind me.

I am hoisted, suspended, hung.

Much better.

Your sharp nailed grip tightens at my throat, staying the draw of a breath precluding another sigh.

Quickened, my pulse hammers, my temples swell and my lungs begin to ache.

You push cold latex deep into my cunt and smirk at the tiny, stifled cry.

You light your candle and remind me that I am penetrable, permeable, osmotic.

Now. Show me.

Petulant, impatient hands tug at my breasts, tighten their grip and then secure them.

They stand out, bulging from their constrictive coils of rope, like a week old balloon in the hands of a child.

Feral teeth sink into my nipples, searing through nerves.

Wax and flame, intermittently applied, startle my sleeping heart.

Heat pushes unrelenting through artery, vein and capillary.

A shock of pain crashes in like a wrecking ball.

Smashing through muscle and tendon.

So much better.

You lift your knife, weigh the balance, then nick and slice and drag.

You slowly tease the wounds, carefully opening them with finger and tongue and nipple.

You stain my skin, with rivulets of metallic tasting red.

My muffled cry falls on deaf ears as you taste, and taste.

All exposed flesh and bone, sinew and cartilage are dragged through by raking claws.

Mortally exposed, you remind me that I am alive.

Force feed me the milk of human kindness.

From → Erotica

  1. mmmmmm . . . that was, uhm, distracting

  2. Squeaky permalink

    *blink* …wow. That was…intense. Beautiful pacing. Gorgeous and terrifying.

  3. Love the intensity of this x

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