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The Space Between Us

April 12, 2012

The Space Between Us.

I wait.

The space between us, charged, unchanging.

The silence unbroken, save by some ragged breath.

Eons might pass in that calamitous turmoil

of anticipatory dreams.

Breath baited, I grip and pull at my bonds just

to hear the comfort of the creak of wood,

the soft rasp of rope against the grain.

A distraction.

I want.

The space between us, glowing, hot.

Longing too long, I chance a feline lift of hip, and spine;

the arching plea I cannot voice.

Your disapproval, swift and harsh,

opens new avenues of pain to match the ache of wanting.

Retribution punctuated with a flick of the wrist, the slide of your fingers,

stroking, tightening, twisting, tying, brutal sleight of hand.

A warning.

I fight.

The space between us, heated, humid.

My struggle rendered useless

by the ringing echo of your laughter, joyous in your triumph.

Lower now, closer. The brush of soft down, soothing and warm

by its proximity, and the mingling of our breath calms the  riot.

With a push, penetration. Red in tooth, and claw.

The lightest of kisses tastes my broken skin.

A reward.

I shiver

The space between us becomes the sum of our parts.

From → Erotica

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