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All That Is You. #NationalPoetryDay

October 4, 2012

Today is National Poetry Day – here is my effort.  Comment below. Or don’t, it’s really up to you. #ImNotTheBossOfYou (probably)

The memory of the roughened finger tips,

that brushed aside the stray hair falling over my face as I read.

And gut wrenching, hot, violent kisses that betrayed me;

made lies of my refusal to love you.

The fire flickers, pops and spits with a shower of  light

into the silence where sleep, leering and restless, waits for me.

I pull my winter blanket tighter around me,

but I can’t wrap out the chill or defend against the icy grip at my throat.

I won’t escape the lingering ghost of

all that is you.

The gravel in the voice, demanding the bones of me

after the sloughing of my skin; scarred, stretched, abandoned

in the dusty corner where the spiders always go.

The desperate bite, searing through raw muscle and synapse

with the throb and arch of alarming penetration.

The gentle laughter, accompanying the triumph over the

yielding of my flesh and my will.

The aim; my exposure, stark and total,  now drifts, entropic

in half forgotten days.

All that, is you.

From → Erotica

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